The gauntlet

2008-01-24 21:19:31 by Hyperion

From here on, I'm posting news more frequently. Not that i'll say anything of consequence, or reach anyone particularly interesting, but I'm the type that's self-absorbed enough to believe his venting needs to be read.

My week's low point has been the physics midterm. It wasn't difficult, or challenging. In fact, I know I did quite well.

This was an exam designed to test your will to live.

100 regents questions. One hundred of the dullest, most repititious questions one can imagine. Entering the same answers over and over again for reasons that must amuse an Honors Physics teacher with a chip on his shoulder.

Enter my perspective for a bit. By 15, you grow bored. By 30, you want to leap out of the second-story window to escape. By 40, you forget why you're doing this. By 50, you forget who you are. You've devolved into a number spewing machine, applying the same equations to the same dull setup.

Then there's 99. At 99, you reach a higher state. Everything makes sense now. It may seem like madness, but you can see it. The solutions to war, famine, why that one kid across the street gives you the stink eye; they're all obvious now. Then the bell marking the end of the test period rings. You forget what you were just thinking about, but have a small headache. Oh well, time for English.

But that's past. Now I'm eating Ice cream. Delicious ice cream.

You may not have any.


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